I feel excited to share with you what we use to empower the best version of not only our sport horses, but our Horse girl too (as a side effect).

Horses are natural creatures of genetics, emotions/personality, and physical responses.

I saw you double think personality!*

I am in cloud 9, as I teach how to work with a horses & riders natural wiring.

Some of my favorite results:

⭑Over-write epigenetic

⭑Re-write to a positive emotional response

⭑Work with their personality to speak their language

⭑Support healthy physical repair & stamina.

Would it be O.K. to invite you to a personal call to discuss what it standing between you and your horse unifying your best selves for better results?


Do you do best when people talk with you or at you?

Same goes for our horses. When we learn to speak their language we naturally connect, grow, and achieve in an accelerated fashion.

I am passionate teaching a hidden language your horse speaks, that we speak too. This language as you begin to observe and honor it, unlocks speaking your horses language and hearing them.

What I would love is to set up a time to hear about your horse: The struggles, and when your horse and you shine. It's helpful to have videos of you feeding & watering, stall clean-up, grooming, bathing, tacking up, riding, and tacking down of your horses.

Would you like to schedule a time for your horse, or call/text and we schedule a time?

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Personalize your Horse kit...Here are our favorite natural horse items

I'll show you how to get an additional discount when we chat...

  • Digestzen: Ulcer, Hormone & Digestive Support, Nutrient Absorption

  • Adaptive Essential Oils: Calms ANXIOUS feelings, Reduce fears

  • Adaptive Capsules: Great support for a Rider with Anxious feelings, or struggles sleeping.

  • InTUNE Essential Oil: Focus & Clarity Support

  • Vetiver Essential Oil: Calms Hyperactivity & amazing for rider support to get a good nights rest!

  • Petitgrain Essential Oil: Calming like lavender, but not lavender so it's legal at rated shows!

  • Deep Blue Essential Oil & Stick: Healthy inflammation & restoration, Ease Discomfort, Cooling

  • Ylang Ylang, Geranium, & Root to Tip Serum: Healthy Tale (My daughter has a home-made recipe for showshein using this), Hormone balancing

  • Helichrysm, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Copiaba, & Empty Capsules: Horse show proactive internal support for discomfort and repair support. **Add to water with soap and wash horse with these oils

  • CorrectX Ointment: Wound support

  • OnGuard Essential Oil: Immune boosting, Hoof Health, Abses Recovery

  • Myrrh Essential Oil: Hoof rot support, Elevate mood

  • DDR Prime Capsules: Damaged DNA Repair support. Epigenetic health

  • xEOmega: Essential fatty acids for cardiovascular, Immune & Brain function. Contains Astaxanthin

    which defends against oxidation, powerful antioxidant and circulatory benefits, supports

    eye health, improves muscle strength and endurance, aids the liver and digestive system, supports skin health

  • Aromatouch Technique Kit Oils: Pre or post show support to reduce stress, & inflammation, increase immune & detox, support homeostasis



We have had the best results using BIO STAR Horse & Dog nutrition and supplement support products. They have a great customer service team willing to help you get the right supplements, without over-doing it.

Some Horse Moments....

Books We Recommend: