Emergency Preparation

& Outdoors

This simple, easy to pack, prepared kit, is a top favorite for those outdoor outings.

Deep Blue Rub to soothe muscles and joints.

CorrectX Essential Ointment is fantastic to apply to small breaks in the skin.

Face & Body Sun will protect you from harmful rays, without harful ingredients... also has ZINC which is beneficial to support wounds, coagulate blood, & support immune function.

OnGuard Sanitizing Mist to keep clean.

Terrashield Spray natural mosquito repellant, and other pests. Great on human and dog alike (proactive prevention where ticks are).

Lavender Touch to support the calming of skin, mind, emotions, body.

Peppermint Beadlets to support a cool body, calm digestion, with energy.

How complete is your emergency kit with or Camping relief kit?

I take doTERRA Essential Oils on every Vacation, Camping, & Trip!

  • Clove: Supports topical relief, drawing salve, tooth discomfort

  • Frankincense: Enhances other oils, Supports clarity of mind focus & concentration, Supports skin restoration, Reduce anxious feelings, Mental fatigue, Calms overactivity, impatience, irritability.

  • Lavender: Calms agitations, bruises, burns, cramps, heart ir-regularities, insect bites, discomfort, too much sun & heat, seasonal reactions . Promotes sleep.

  • Lemongrass: Supports muscle comfort, relaxes tension, Warms when applied to feet.

  • Tea Tree Touch: Calms bug bites, skin discomfort, throats, and skin. Promotes strong immune response, Draw out slivers (mix with clove)

  • Oregano touch: Heavy duty immune support, Reduce "fun guy", Supports reduction of inflammation in joints, back. Reduce nerve unease, calm vomiting.

  • Peppermint: Relieve bumps, bruises, high temperatures, head tension, digestive discomfort, nerve. Supports circulation.

  • Aromatouch™: Support relaxation, healthy inflammation, and circulation. Reduce stress

  • Breath™: Supports all things respiratory. Promotes taking breaths. Reduce seasonal response.

  • Deep Blue™: Strong support to ease muscle, joint, head tension, & discomfort in general.

  • Digestzen™: Supports healthy digestive response to backed up, or flowing too easy. Also may reduce vomit response.

  • OnGuard™: Natural cleanser on surfaces, Reduce molds. Boost immune response & reduce duplication of negative threats on the cells.

  • Purify ™:Reduce negative airborn matter, reduce itch response, Cleanse and boost immune response.

  • Terrashield ™:Deters flying & ground bugs from human and pet bodies.

  • Diffuser: Free things for fun from doTERRA.

We have survived the most extreme & subtle air, boat, and RV travel internationally & nationally. Not by chance but intentional design making sure I bring the above Essential Oil Collections kit on each Trip (with kids) & Vacation (without kids).

Travel creates stress, stress creates toxins, and toxins weaken the immune support to the body. That is why so many experience health set-backs once they begin their travels.

*May be carried on as a carry on due to their medicinal support to the body, or checked with your luggage.*

Pre-Departure: 2 days prior, apply OnGuard on bottoms of feet after shower; 2 drops of Lemon in water; Aromatouch or Vetiver on feet to support deep restful, replenishing sleep.

Sleeping on Airplane: Vetiver & Aromatouch on feet, Balance on back of neck, Serenity rubbed over heart on lower neck, Eye mask, pillow, travel blanket.

While on Vacation: Drink plenty of water adding Green Mandarin to water (non photosensitive response in the body), Stronger Kids blend on spines before bed, Digestzen or Tamer Kids blend applied to stomach or feet each morning, Cheer, motivate or Steady kids blend on back of prior to dinner, to avoid break-downs from over-stimulation & exhaustion.

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