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Know your WHAT, Find your WHY, & let the HOW show up...

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BEGIN with Reading The Slight Edge to shift your thinking into understanding how small compounds over time.



Prepare is the foundation of a successful creation....

20-40 Contacts per Month Creation & Execution Path...

STEP 1: Mindset has to grow from:

  • OILS:



    • CLICK to duplicate post your first Social Media Post:

    • CLICK for 2nd Day Social Media Post

    • CLICK for THIRD DAY SM Post

    • Write daily your goals: Set a 2 minute timer, write goals without looking at the previous days goals written:

    • AFFIRMATION QUOTE: Read out loud just before you fall asleep, and right after you wake up:

      • I am abundant in every good way

      • Infinite money is mine to earn, save, invest, exponentially multiply, and share.

      • My abundance is making everyone better off

      • I embrace abundance and abundance embraces me.

STEP 2: Skillset

  • Truly be a living PRODUCT OF PRODUCT.(People can see the difference in us.)

  • Walk toward people who walk toward you. You are not desperate (low frequency thinbking) stand confident in the amazing doTERRA products (Leads, Customers & Builders) THEY are so grateful you shared doTERRA with them!

  • Create value - in every interaction. Give them what they want or are asking for or need. Practice confidence that everyone needs doTERRA & you get to show them why.

  • Build Trust - at their pace & with their permission. Follow through with what you say you'll do, deliver what you promised, and keep in contact before, during, and after they enroll

  • Be a Solutions Provider - especially ones they don’t realize they are looking for!

    • Guide them with 3 R's: 1. Rethink Routine.2. Reduce toxins.3. Redirect to dōTERRA for 90-days. (it takes 90 days for cells to turn over, and is the best time-frame to see adequate results. Then re-asses plan at 90 days) *Set reminder in your phone to follow up with them


STEP 2: Habit

DAILY: 6 Questions to ask yourself daily: 1 share, 1 customer support, & 1 builder each day...

  1. Who will I invite to a class or 1 on 1?

  2. Who has attended a class that needs to enroll?

  3. Who has enrolled that needs a membership overview?

  4. Who is using the products that needs a business overview?

  5. Who is building the business that I will support?

  6. What will I read or listen to that will help me grow as a leader?

WEEKLY Objectives:

  1. Attend Team Call (Monday's 6pm mst link:

  2. Talk to my mentor and set goals

  3. Teach 3-5 people a presentation


Attend Business Training: CLICK HERE to access Natalie & Andy Goddard's Trainings (



Invite is the one of the Three INCOME PRODUCING activities essential to learn to support your goal creation.

5 Conversation Questions to Make HABIT...

  • Are you open to trying something natural? (pinky finger)

  • Are you open to learning about essential oils?(ring finger)

  • Are you open to using essential oils?(middle finger)

  • Are you open to the idea of creating an income with doTERRA? (pointer finger)

  • Are you ready to get started? (thumb)


“Usually what I do for people is set up a quick appointment to go over your health needs. I’ll tell you a little about the company and a few of the most popular products and then you can decide if it’s a good fit for you. You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to, and my part wiil take about 30 minutes. What do you think?”


  1. Becca, how are you?

  2. So glad to hear that. Hey I'm putting together some essential oil gift packages for some friends and thought I would send you a quick message. Would it be okay if I sent you an essential oil gift package?

  3. Great. You will love them. They have been such a huge help for my personal health.

    Is there an area of health that you would like some help with? Sleep, stress, pain, digestive?

  4. What's your best address?

  5. I'm going to include 2 samples that I think will really help. Everyone's body is a little different so if they don't we can always try something else.

    Is it okay if I connect with you when they get there?

  6. Thanks for letting me know that the oils got there. I'd love to walk you through a couple simple things. Like how to use the oils and what to expect. Does today or tomorrow work better?

  7. It was so great to talk for a min over the phone.

    I know you will love using them. I look forward to hearing what you liked the most. I put together a some education that goes a long with the oils I sent you. It's like 2 min long.

    Would it be okay if I sent it to you?

  8. Just text "beginpain"

    Just text "begindigestion"

    Just text "beginsleep"

    Just text "beginstress"

    Just text "beginclass"

  9. Hope you are well. I know a little while back you and mentioned that finding a solution for ________ (health challenge) was important to you.

    It's important to me to help you. If it's not that big of a priority right now, just drop me a funny emoji 🧚🏻‍♂️ so I know.


  1. Has anyone ever invited you to learn more about using essential oils to help with health challenges?

  2. what do you know about essential oils?

  3. Could I tag you in a quick video ?

  4. Tagged. Can you send me a thumbs up when you are done?

  5. It make so much sense doesn't it? What did you like best?

  6. What questions do you have about essential oils?

  7. I'd love to help you get some oils in your hands? What area of

    health do you feel like you would like to try some essential oils

    for? Stress, Sleep, Pain or something else?


  1. Has anyone ever invited you to look at the business side of doTERRA?

  2. Hey, I have a project that I'm super excited about and that I'm focusing a lot of energy on this year. I wanted to get you opinion. Would you do that?

  3. What do you know about building a business with doTERRA?

  4. Would it be okay if I tagged you in a video that explains everything?

  5. Great, tagging you now.

  6. Can you reply with a thumbs up when you are done?

  7. What did you like best?

  8. What questions do you have?

  9. Would you be open to jumping on a call so that I can answer your questions in better detail? (or On a call with....whomever is answering the biz call)



Present when we get to EDUCATE. It is the second INCOMING PRODUCING activity you'll have fun with. Spa Class, Green Cleaning Class, Cooking with Oils Class, Oils 101 Class, Take the Wheel on Emotions Class, Metabolism & Nutrition Class, Etc... When you educate others you empower them to learn what they didn't know they didn't know. When you educate someone, you have empowered a change in the world.

Examples of ALL the ways you can teach

  • Paper Handouts: CLICK HERE

  • Text/Online Class:

    • Go To: and sign into your google account (create one if you haven't yet)

    • Customize the landing page with Text, or online class info. EXAMPLE SITE

    • Go to: and Create a Class Signup form: EXAMPLE

    • Add Forms link to RSVP Buttons on Landing Page Site

    • Create New Page with the Class Information. Place all the info on one page, or create new pages for each subject and use a "BUTTON" to link to the next page for them to progress through the info. EXAMPLE HERE


  • Powerpoint Presentations: Links Below ↓↓↓

Make a copy of presentation to YOUR Google Drive BEFORE Edit Thank You



Enrolling is educating others how to get their oils for the best price. Then continue to teach them how to get their doTERRA products for an even better price through LRP, Promotions, BOGO's & Product Giveaways at education classes from us :)

Pick your phrase to be confident and comfortable saying when enrolling someone:

  • Are you Ready to Get Started?

  • If you were going to purchase one of these kits today, which would you get? (Pause) Are you ready to do that now?”



CRM: Customer Retention Management

Support is the fifth step in our duplication model. Below you will find tools we use to support our new enrollments. Be sure to reach out to us if you need help or any support 323-688-6457.

Welcome Letter: Click Here

Membership Overview Script:

Best when they first receive their oils

  • How to use what you ordered

  • What are your families needs?

  • Go to (show body systems, search cooking, cleaning)

  • Show how to set up LRP and adding products (show the Discounted products, Free product, and Free shipping)

    • Show how when you add "1 more thing" you get free shipping and Product of Month. People want to be told what to get by YOU the expert.

    • Do you want me to save this? (If they say no, hit cancel set up)

  • "80% of people are customers. doTERRA does have an amazing refer a friend program here's where you can find your link."

  • Are you open to the idea of creating an income with doTERRA?